Provincetown Whales

hey! here are the
Provincetown Whales 2015 dates:
two trips per day, morning and afternoon.
7/12 (morning fully booked w/ one family)
$127 per person, per trip. 5 hours. 5 people.
let's look at some whales!


yes, $127 per person is a bit pricey. BUT, please consider:

the money stays local in the community and helps keep a fishing boat from fishing for a trip.

100% of the price covers the costs of the boat that we charter - ie, fuel and travel. i don't make ANY money - in fact i LOSE money on each trip. this is about the WHALES and trying to show people the amazing beauty of these fantastic animals. Greater awareness = greater success in saving them and growing their populations.

we work with a great captain who is completely certified and terrific to work with. he gets what we're doing.

another good bit to all this? KIDS can come! and by kids i mean kids, not toddlers, 8 years or older. expect 5 hour trips, depending on whales and weather. should be amazing. there is a restroom on board!

i'll provide the vegan drinks and foods! if there's something special you want to bring, feel free, just make sure it's vegan!

sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars, hats, extra clothes in case you get cold or wet are all highly suggested.

please, if you had a great time, tip Captain Mike!

and let's have some fun, okay? ok!

see you this summer!

if you have a date request and can fill the whole boat (5 spots) shoot me a message!